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I just want to get back home

Open up your company's homepage.

Look for all the fun links like Blog, Help, Support, Status, Hiring, Documentation, or whatever other clicks will take you out of the main part of the site. Open them all up in new tabs.

Now try to get back to the homepage.

Were there any that left you stranded?

The problem

One of the most annoying things I encounter when browsing the web is pages that are part of a site that don't link to the main site anywhere. Nothing at the bottom. Nothing at the top. The only way home is by making edits in the browser's URL bar.

This often happens when I'm directed to a site from an outside source.

Check out our job posting!

Here's our latest blog post.

Our support forum is overloaded.

It's probably the first time I've ever heard of your company or product. The page is interesting, I want to learn more. I'll click your colorful logo at the top of the page. Oops, it just brought me to the main page of your blog. Now how do I get to the real site?

Many computer users have no idea how to modify the URL to get to your home page. You need to help them out.

Many components

You've probably got a great justification for me already. Your main page uses Drupal but your blog is Wordpress. The help pages are outsourced to a third party. You don't have any control over where those links go. Do what you can to get control back.

Maybe it was just an oversight. You never noticed. Someone from another department set up that subdomain. Well, now you know. Fix it.


Next time I visit your site, I'll be super happy when clicking that logo brings me right to your home page. If you're lucky, I won't find it again until those fancy scrolling animations are no longer popular. I might actually figure out what your company does.

Just remember, your homepage is extremely important. If you're a software project, I better know exactly what your project does. Don't use words that only make sense to people who already know what you've made. If you're a business, tell me exactly what you do. Don't make me translate from Business to English.

Did I strike a nerve?

Hopefully I'm either helping you out or you're sharing my pain. I'd love to hear about some navigation horror stories. You can email me at:

Comments sent with "Site Navigation" in the subject line will be posted to this page, with personally identifying information removed.

You can even just make fun of my site's navigation; I have thick skin. Or you could give me tips on how to improve it. Thanks!

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