Shared micro editing for the web

Have you ever had an experience like this while reading something online?




Typo. Ugh.


It happens to me all over the web. Comment sections, professional bloggers, major news publications. Most text published these days is not subject to copy editing. I find it downright annoying.

So what's the big idea?

Let readers who care fix your oversights.

If I'm reading something and I notice a comma out of place or a misspelled word, it bothers me. Most of the time, I just want to fix it so no other readers have to suffer that pain. I'm sure authors would love it if someone came around and automatically fixed all their mistakes.

Micro editing

Some pages have little notes at the bottom. Merge requests welcome! That's great, but is it worth 5 minutes of my time to tell the author he transposed two letters? Not often.

What if readers could suggest micro edits right where they spot them? If I could just put my cursor on the icky location, type a quick correction, and move on with my day, I'd be making fixes constantly.

Shared emendation

Perhaps my instant correction triggers an alert for the author. Sometime soon, he'll show up and make the suggested fix if he agrees with it. If it is a popular page, hotspots could be displayed at points where many users found something wasn't right.

Instead, maybe my edits will be shared as a kind of diff that can be applied to the existing site. The next user who stumbles across the page can see the corrected version I made, or look behind it to see the original.

What's under the hood?

Good question. Is it a browser plugin? Will it work on mobile? Does it work with any site or just sites whose authors opt in? Privacy? Security? Page hijacking? Monetization?

Are you excited?

I'd love to hear what you think. If you have ideas, critcisms, or a desire to build something like this, you can send me an email at:


Comments sent with "Emend" in the subject line will be posted to this page, with personally identifying information removed.

Thanks for reading! Corrections welcome.

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